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Guidelines for Corporate Partners

National Parks Conservation Association’s corporate partnerships and cause marketing program provides companies with opportunities to engage internal and external stakeholders in protecting and preserving our national parks, while providing critical funding to further NPCA’s mission. We seek companies whose brand and mission are in alignment with our efforts in national park protection, and who are looking to support our national parks in authentic, meaningful and innovative ways.

To determine if your company would be a good fit for a partnership with NPCA, please refer to the general guidelines below. If you’d like to discuss opportunities further, please send an email to our Corporate Partnerships & Cause Marketing team detailing your interest at [email protected]. For additional context, please find examples of our corporate partnerships here.

  • NPCA prides itself on collaborating with companies that have strong sustainability and environmental commitments and values similar to our own. Brands, products and/or services emphasized through our partnerships should offer an authentic and clear alignment to our conservation-centric cause.
  • Any cause promotion (e.g., on-pack/on-product, in-retail) that directly prompts consumers to purchase products/services and/or take actions that result in a donation to NPCA classify as a commercial co-venture (CCV) promotion. To engage with NPCA in a CCV promotion, partners should be aware of the evolving state-based definitions and regulatory requirements for CCVs, and to what extent the company or NPCA is responsible for fulfilling them. NPCA encourages prospective partners considering a CCV promotion with NPCA to first consult with their legal counsel and become familiar with these responsibilities and regulations before proceeding, to ensure the company is able to comply with the regulations surrounding these laws.
  • A substantial minimum financial commitment is expected for corporate partnerships.
  • Generally, we ask that a company be established for a least one year before seeking a partnership with NPCA.
  • In order to obtain usage rights for NPCA’s intellectual property, such as its name or logo, companies must enter into a written contractual agreement that outlines how the licensed marks will be used. Until a fully executed contract is received, the use of these licensed marks is strictly prohibited.

We look forward to partnering with you to protect and preserve our national parks!

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